History Timeline Graphic

Barnton Community Primary School

Barnton had a large corridor wall that they wanted to fill with something that was both eye-catching and engaging for pupils. Having brainstormed some ideas with our creative team, we settled on designing a unique History Timeline that could be used as a visual learning tool.

When creating the design, we included all of the key dates in History that would be covered during a pupil’s time at the school. All dates were paired with a bespoke designed graphic that would visually represent what happened during that time, making it easier for pupils to understand and remember. To bring the design together we implemented a blue line to set the dates on and used Green, Red or Yellow markers for each date. These colours were taken from the School’s brand colours, giving the design a professional feel whilst still being pupil-friendly.

Following sign-off on the final design, our in-house production team manufactured and fitted the graphics. As a result, they totally transformed the corridor and became an exciting feature for Pupils, Teachers, Parents and Visitors alike.

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