School Websites

Showcase your school to prospective parents and pupils
online with the latest in school website technology.

“Education is the most powerful weapon
we can use to change the world.”

— Nelson Mandela

Learn, Teach And Grow Together

For more than 30 years, we’ve been growing and learning together. Thinking outside of the box, the Education Office team thrive in crafting creative, feature-rich and Ofsted-compliant school websites.

Partnering with independent schools and multi-academy trusts throughout Cheshire and the UK, our focus is building website designs for schools that showcase the individual school’s values, beliefs and potential to prospective parents.

Featuring the most up-to-date technology, a simple, intuitive content management system and our extensive design expertise, each of our modern school website designs is bespoke, growing not only your online presence but your school’s brand.

Make An Excellent First Impression

Engaging And Intuitive School Websites

Marketing for schools can be challenging. With local and even nationwide competition, being able to stand out and catch the eye of prospective parents is key. With an average of over 1,500+ website visitors a month, our online school partners are easily recognisable with innovative educational website solutions taking the forefront. As parents begin to search for the best school for their children, searching online is now at the top of the list when it comes to researching school teachers, curriculum and overall environment.

Wanting to find the right fit for their child, being able to quickly and effectively navigate through a user-friendly school website has never been more important

Learn With Education Office

School Website Support Packages

Here at Education Office, we understand the stresses that can come with keeping a website running. From text and image changes to policy updates and Ofsted compliance, if you’re not used to maintaining a website, these can bring an array of challenges.

To assist you through these stresses, our school website designs not only come with a powerful, user-friendly website content management system but we also offer on-site training and ongoing support packages.