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Personalised School Exercise Books

With the ever-changing economic climate and the relentless surges in prices of gas/electricity, raw materials and wages, we have decided to create a new solution for producing bespoke printed school books for schools across the UK.

Already working with schools throughout Cheshire to design and print their personalised school exercise books, our team produce thousands of school books each term.

We understand the impact the economic pressures are having on our educational partners and also relate to the stress caused by large price hikes. We’ve developed our exclusive on-demand school book printing services to counter these stress points.

One-Year Fixed

Education Office will produce your bespoke school exercise books ordered at a set price quoted at the time of order essentially giving you a 1-year price fix.

Bulk Printed Inner Pages

Inner Pages are pre-printed and get safely in stock here at Education Office, ensuring no damage and efficient turn-around upon order.

Front Covers Printed On Demand

Once the layout and design have been approved, we will begin the school book cover in-house printing process. Maintaining your brand and matching colour to each subject.

Paid For Monthly

Your invoice total will be divided into 6 payments and invoiced monthly from the date the order was placed. This will reduce the impact of one large invoice to the school, helping to improve your cash flow.

No Additional Costs

Small ad hoc orders will be catered for within the bulk order, so no inflated or additional costs for printing a small supply as and when required.

Fast Delivery

As we will stock your order for you, turnaround times on ad hoc orders will be quicker, meaning no long waiting times and worries about being short on your supply.

Please note: The above ‘On Demand’ School Exercise Book Printing Service is valid on annual orders over 1000 Books.
School Book delivery costs are quoted separately based on your order.

Personalised School Book Covers:

Colour-Matched School Books

Working with schools for over 30 years to produce bespoke school books, our team understand the importance of your school brand and the particular colours you’ve chosen to represent each subject.

Through this, we’ve refined a collection of 10 colour swatches that can be mixed and matched throughout your school books – with most schools choosing specific colours for certain subjects.

With the Education Office school book colour swatch we guarantee each exercise book cover will match and no pupil will be left with the mismatched school book design.

The benefit: we have full control of the print and manufacturing of your personalised school books, for most this allows us to fix the cost for 12 months and guarantee your chosen school book colours are always available.

School Books Printed On-Demand

School Exercise Book Rulings:

Your school does things your way, from the colour of your books to the specific internal rulings.

Printed entirely in-house, we have full control over the inside pages of your school books; want to include your school logo or certain activities throughout the internal pages, let us know and we’ll prepare a sample for you.

With all personalised school books being printed to order at Education Office, we will produce your school books to your exact specifications and quantities! See below for our most popular internal page rulings

  • 8mm, 10mm & 12mm lines
  • 7mm,10mm & 20mm Squares
  • Half Blank, half 8mm or 10mm lines
  • Hand Writing Lines
  • Coloured Lines