School Planners


At Education Office we pride ourselves in offering the best school planner printed service!

If you are part of a trust and we work with multiple schools within your MAT we will look to offer discounts on collective orders, helping you save money when budgets are tight!

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School Planners:

Customised School Pupil Planners are a vital school resource.

  • They help and support independent pupil learning
  • Begin to promote organisational skills
  • Act as a form of communication between the School and Home
  • Assist behaviour management
  • Support homework-setting and logging activities, including reading progress

With our customised School Planners we work with you to determine all page content ensuring they work well for your school whilst being cost effective and always high quality! At Education Office we have the ability to print to your exact specification and quantity, often school planner printing for individual year groups.

Front Cover:

Make your cover suit your school’s unique vision and communicate its ethos and values. Customise your cover design with high quality photos, illustrations, school logo and more. You can even add space for your pupils’ name, group or key stage.

  • Include high quality photographs of your school or pupils studying
  • For younger pupils, consider using an illustrative design as they are more engaging
  • Why not consider changing the style of your front cover to suit different key stages?

Internal Pages:

Let Education Office work with you to create the perfect layout for your School Planners. Below is a few different options to be considered when creating the layout for your pupil planners.

  • Pages for parents
  • Homework Diary
  • Whiteboard
  • Timetables
  • Rewards/ Praise Pages
  • Subject Support
  • Reading Records
  • Pupil Details
  • School Information

School Planner Binding Options:

Choose from our 3 binding types for your school planners. Plastic coil, square back and wirobound. All designed and made to survive the wear and tear of a school environment.

  • Plastic Coils can be bent, crushed and twisted, yet the book will still return to its original shape.
  • Square back planners lay flat, making them easier to stack and handle throughout the school year.
  • Wirobound is a durable metal binding style made of heavy gauge steel wire, an alternative to the plastic coil option.

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