Willow Wood Community Nursery & Primary

School Rebrand Project

One of our most recent school rebrand projects saw us working with Willow Wood Community Nursery and Primary School based in Winsford. Willow Wood consulted Education Office as they wanted to increase the visibility of the school as a high-achieving and inclusive school and modernise the school’s identity to reflect a more contemporary learning environment.

The Headteacher at Willow Wood, Mr Martin Bell left us some fantastic feedback regarding the work that our team has created:

“From the outset, the team at Education Office were scrupulous in their determination to understand our needs. After initial discussions and thorough research, the team was able to provide us with a number of design ideas that fully matched our brief. Education Office was fantastic in helping us see the differing benefits of each design to match fully with what we wanted to achieve. We were delighted with the finished product. Our new signage was installed promptly and to an exceptionally high standard.”

Working closely with Willow Wood, we were given the task of revamping their brand and logo and updating their current signage. We wanted to create a new identity that would be well received within the community placing Willow Wood as one of the top primary schools to visit as a parent, prior to deciding on where to place a child.

School Logo Design

From early conversations, it seemed clear that an inclusive, adaptable and simplistic logo was needed, and so forth we presented 4 different logo concepts.

Option 1: Willow Tree Concept

We based our initial concept around the Willow trees, that the school is synonymous for. Taking a modern approach, we created a more minimalist style for the tree and wanted to focus on the leaves representing all of the different children within the school; we did this by using an array of different colours to represent the unique personalities that every child has. With the new icon style created, we used a clean and modern sans serif font to complement the icon, which was then underpinned by the strapline.

Option 2: Bold Lettering

A very modern approach was taken with this option, with the focal point being all about the ‘W’ and how we could adapt it to be unique. By dissecting the letter, we created bold shapes with the addition of the leaf to tie into the school name. A very clean option where the lettering complemented the design and gave the same feel as the icon.

Option 3: A Unique Fingerprint

The children were the focus for this logo, playing on the point that every child is unique. We found the fingerprint to be the perfect representation for this, by adding the leaf at the center of the fingerprint, we felt this showed how the school is at the center of the children’s learning. A more traditional serif font was selected to complement and challenge our client while bringing a traditional feel to the overall logo.

Option 4: Weaving In Two Elements

A combination of the children and leaves was considered, bringing the two elements together into one shape showed how the school and children work together to create a thriving learning environment. Simple in its approach, the icon was made to be simple and easy to understand for all viewing it, underpinned by a bold sans serif font to sign off and a strapline focusing on the flourishing of children within the school.

Implementing The Brand

New School Uniformschool logo on uniform

After designing a variety of logos, we helped the team at Willow Wood with the branding of their new school uniform and created mockups with different options to choose from. After deciding on option 1 as the new school logo, we helped aid the whole process of sourcing high-quality school clothing. From ensuring the logo was print-ready and suitable for embroidery, liaising with the manufacturers and discussing the best colour options for the various items needed including jumpers and shirts.

The school colours are primarily red so we worked around that as the main colour within our palette adding complementary colours that would not take away from the boldness of the red.

After much discussion with our client, the final decision was made and option 1 became the new logo for Willow Wood Community Nurs